Message From The Chairman

Assist. Prof. Dr. Piboon Limprapat

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear All Shareholder,

In 2017, growth in the export and tourism sector and the government’s investment in the development of basic transportation and shipping infrastructure has managed to bring the Thai economy to nearly four percent in growth. Although it is true that this growth is congregated in only a few industries, it is also a good driving force for steering the overall national economy ahead. Thus, the Company’s entry into the foundation construction (bored pile and barrette pile construction) business is considered excellent timing. With increased volume in the basic transportation and infrastructure construction projects of the government, demand in foundation construction (bored pile and barrette pile construction) is rather high. At the same time, capable service providers in this area are few. And since the majority of construction contractors know and have used the Company’s heavy machinery services before, they have confidence in the Company’s services. Thus, the foundation construction (bored pile and barrette pile construction) business has been well-received by customers and generated nearly 30 percent of total revenue. Additionally, the Company believes that it will become a primary business that generates income for the Company in the future. As for the heavy machinery rental and sales businesses, positive growth has been experienced in installation projects of wind turbines, new investments and shut-downs for maintenance in oil and petroleum refinery businesses and related businesses. Because increased government investment in construction has increased demand for machinery use, the Company’s overall performance has flipped over to the positive side.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, We I would like to express our great thanks to every shareholders, customers, financial institutes, executives, employees and related parties for having always provided excellent support of the Company’s businesses.


We promise to work closely with executives in setting the Company’s strategies to enable the Company to overcome its problems and obstacles for successful market competition under good supervision and internal control principles. We, at the fullest extent of our ability, will develop the company’s business capacity to succeed in achieving goals with sustainable growth for the benefit of all related persons and parties involved.