As the company is readily equipped with machinery which currently having large crane from 10 tons to 1,250 tons with highly skill of supervisor with accurate legitimate license to control the operation. This lead to be accepted by the customers for using the services and built in trust to use the service continuously throughout the present time. The main customers are for example, petrochemical refinery, power plant, electric wind turbine drilling rigs, and large industry in another form of rental services by monthly or daily basis in which the working procedure is not complicate as the form of lump sum project.

Types of used heavy duty machinery

ประเภทของรถเครนน้ำหนักที่รองรับ (tons)
Truck and All Terrain Cranes25 – 500 tons
Rough Terrain Cranes25 – 70 tons
Crawler Cranes50 – 1250 tons

Contact Information

K. Janejira Pairrungsri



K. Krawee Boonma



K. Daoruang Yimsawad



K. Nonthaporn Kraichingrit






The company as one of the leader in the heavy duty machinery of rental business for lifting, assembling, installing, and moving large materials and equipment ,Rental machine nclue forklifts, container handlers, trucks, trailers and tail trailers.

The Company manages two types of rental services:

1. Daily and Monthly Crane Rental

It is a service for renting machinery, driver and team with the work and the work process is not complicated.

2. Heavy Lifting Project with a full charge for the duration of the operation.

The company will provide consultancy, planning, design, operation of the machinery for rent. Together with the employer. The engineers calculate the work of the whole machine with the program Auto cad to maximize the work. It is in the period when the customer manpower efficiency. The cost is reasonable. Price is in the client’s budget. And most importantly, it is designed to maximize safety. Equivalent to international standards.






Project References

South Bangkok power plant, Samut Prakan Province